Religiously F*cked

10th May 2018

I just tried to write a really long rant about religion and how politicians use that as their allies to fulfil their thirst for power. But all of is short for one thing. Let me tell you.

Democracy is Dead.

We are all blackout drunk at the moment and we think we know what we are doing, we think we are in control, but you know how that works.

Everyday what you talk about what you consume, what direction you think in is being controlled by these random people who are so drenched in the pool of power that their eyes can’t foresee the future.

I feel powerless, I feel weak in front of these absolutely brilliant minds. I can see through every trick of theirs. Read between every headline, House of Cards certainly helps. But then what? I see people around, my own family members voting under influence. What am I supposed to do? Absolutely frustrating.

These guys have changed the narrative of everything. I cannot live with the fact that tomorrow morning the first thing my friends will talk about, the first thing we will consume on social media will be decided by one brain behind a computer in a political party’s IT Cell. That too utter bullshit, something not even worth opinionating about. It is inconceivable and practically impossible to explain you what is happening in this country because not a a single soul has any clue about it.

Politics is driving conversation and mindsets.

Conversations and ideas SHOULD drive politics.

Here’s what we can do though.

Ideally I’d suggest to stop Twitter for month or two, BUT.

Question everything. Do not accept headlines. Go behind the stories. Hear both sides. Otherwise just don’t consume the news. Seriously, if you can’t go one step further and just consume what’s presented to you, you don’t deserve it.

Ask the right questions.

Question EVERYTHING. Why Mandir? Why no press confernce? Why hike in fuel rates? They do not know answers to Why? Can’t believe I am saying this but, question Journalists. Yep.

Honestly this is all we can do. But if all of us do it, it’s the only thing we need to.

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